Highly Configurable Easy to Use IVR & Text to Speech operation SMS & Email notifications Affordable Solution

Call2Unlock is The First Tool to Unlock and Reseat AD Accounts by Phone

Call2unlock provides a highly configurable Virtual Telephone Assistant (IVR) fully adaptable to your company's telephone system (PBX). It will automate the process of unlocking and resetting Active Directory user accounts. Users can unlock and reset their own accounts using a phone in just seconds in a very secure way

Call2Unlock Self Service Tool for Active Directory

All your end users need is a phone extension or even a mobile phone to unlock and reseat their own Active Directory Accounts

Productivity & Empower End-Users
By 40% of the calls to IT departments, are regarding to accounts locked, or password resetting. Call2Unlock automates it, and makes it easy and secure for everyone.
Always Accessible & Secure with Integrations
Call2Unlock easily Integrates with any PBX System and any Active Directory versions. Radius, Google Authenticator and any Multi Factor Authentication System.
Reduce Helpdesk Calls & Increase Productivity
By reducing the number of critical password tickets, Call2Unlock helps you to save substantial amount of help desk time and work, increaing your productivity.
Supports Multiple Secure Options for Unlock and Reseat
Call2Unlock allows to use SMS, Email Notifications, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or a combination of multimple options to deliver temporary credentials in a fast and secure way.

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The revolutionary and secure self service tool, for unlock and reset Active Directory accounts. Call2Unlock also provides integration with Multi Factor Authentication systems such as Google Authenticator.

Total Integration
Works with any version of Active Directory, any telephony PBX using SIP protocol, and any Token based system including Google Auth.
Affordable and Effective
Can be installed and configure in few hours in any virtual or physical server, no mather the virtualization platform
Easy to Use
Web managed, reports, alarms, and many security features. Users operates it in seconds.
Keeping your Organization Secure
Call2unlock is not only an innovative productivity and self-service tool, it is also designed to provide the best levels of security by providing MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) to the validation mechanisms. Call2Unlock can be integrated with many existing MFA solutions on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go through some common queries you may have about Call2Unlock. Feel free to contact us for all your queries and custom trials.
Is Call2unlock for any company?
Short Answer yes. Any company that needs to automate the process of unlock and reseat accounts can enjoy the benefits of Call2unlock Among our customers, we have companies from 50 to 50,000 users.
What do I need to setup Call2Unlock?
All that you need is Active Directory 2008 or avobe, Any PBX phone system (Not Mandatory), and just a Virtual Machine or Physicall Server
Can we test the tool?
We can assist you to get the solution working, so you can test it on your real infrastructure. Please contact US to request a demo.