Call2Unlock Self Service Tool Features

Call2Unlock is the first Self Service Account Unlocker and Password Reset for Active Directory. that works towards a simple phone call... Typically, Self Service products have big disadvantages like the necessity to install software on the PCs, exposed web tools or mobile applications..

Users of Call2Unlock just need to dial an internal extension on the company’s PBX, and towards some instructions, the user account will be securely unlocked, or reseated. It also can be integrated to any RADIUS server using Tokens as mechanism of authentication to unlock or resset accounts. Also it provides its own RADIUS and Google Authenticator platform

Unlock Accounts
Just calling to an internal extension or a public number assigned, and providing a identification number and a PIN, users can unlock their accounts in few seconds
Reset Password
The IVR based solution, allow users, to generate a temporary password, and send it to a secondary email, SMS, or provide it by audio
Self Enrolment
The end users, can update their information (personal emails, phones, PIN numbers, etc) in a self web enrollment interface with AD authentication
RADIUS Server and Google Authenticator
Call2Unlock provides a web tool for end users to enrroll their accounts to Google Authenticator. Then the tokens can be used as authentication to unlock or reset their accounts using the IVR (phone system) or using our the Call2unlock self service tool. You can leverage this implementation to use Call2unlock as your MultiFactor Authentication Platform.

What do I need?

Call2Unlock has been made for enterprise environments with Microsoft Active Directory from 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 & 2022

Any PBX System with SIP capabilities. Call2Unlock will receive the calls from your corporate PBX and process the IVR's work flow. If you no longer use a PBX, Call2Unlock can receive calls directly from your user's mobile phones

Optionally RADIUS and MFA If your company has RADIUS implemented, Call2unlock can be integrated to it or you can use the integrated RADIUS - Google Authenticator platform provided by Call2unlock.

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