Technology and Components

Call2Unlock from the IT perspective?

Call2Unlock has five main components:

IVR Engine

This component interacts with the Corporate PBX of the company, or directly with the end user during the call, sending audio messages to the user and getting the DTMF inputs from the user.

LDAP command Engine

Interacts sending the appropriate commands to the Active Directory servers in a complete domain forest to perform the unlock or reset of the accounts in a secure and encrypted communication.

Web Administration Tool.

Web site for Administrators to configure the system, get reports, and self-service pages, for end users where they can provide extra information like PIN numbers and secondary emails.

RADIUS - Google Auth.

Call2unlock provides its own RADIUS - Google Authenticator Implementation, to be used as a mechanism of authentication by the end users. This feature is configured 100% from the Web Administration Tool.

Web User Self Service Tool.

ince the users can auto-enroll their accounts to the system, they can also unlock or reset their accoounts using their temporary tokens, or the Token provided by your MFA in a secure way using our web self-service interface.

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Demonstration Videos

Learn aboout Call2Unlock Architecture

Watch our demo videos to understand the platform components.


How call2Unlock is Integrated to my Infrastructure?

For Metal and Virtual Instances

Call2Unlock can be installed in any physical or virtual machine

Secure within the internal network

Is placed within the private network of the company, behind the internal firewall. That makes Call2Unlock, a secure system..

Unified Comunications Compatible System

It can be directly integrated with any existing PBX in the company. You can associate phone extensions to users. So, users could apply changes, only if they call from their assigned extensions. Also External Calls can be allowed, by the administrator, adding the personal or external phones in a secure white list.

Token Systems Compatible System

Call2Unlock has its own RADIUS implemetation so can be used as PIN or Challenge mechanisim that allow the end users to unlock or reset their passwords making use of the tokens providers such as Google Authenticator. Also the tokens can come from an existing Token or MFA infrastructure. To Get more information, please consult our documentation.

Demonstration Video

Call2Unlock MFA

Watch our demo video about
Call2Unlock's Multi Factor Authentication